Terms of Service

Mining Program Enrollment Agreement

The Customer hereby agrees to the following Terms and Conditions made with the MojoHash as of today. Whereas, the Customer is of the Opinion that the Service has all sufficient requirements the Customer seems fit Whereas, the Service Provider gives access Shares of the Mining Capacity of the Service Providers Whereas, this Agreement does not constitute any type of joint venture, partnership, employer-employee contract, nor does it constitute consideration for any of the aforementioned

Therefore, in consideration of all the Terms stated above, both parties will enter into this agreement as further specified below:

1. Scope of Service

The Service agrees to provide to the Customer with the output of its mining capacity under the terms and conditions stated further in this Agreement. For the purposes of this agreement, references to "Services" shall mean the aforementioned.

2. Technology

The Mining Output is the product from the mining capacities designated as per section 1 of this agreement. The Mining Output (thereafter referred to as: "Coins") may be converted to Bitcoin or other electronic currencies, where is found to be applicable, at no regular interval, based on the Client's sole discretion. The Client has an obligation to maintain the technical equipment, whether hardware or software, for the mining capacity to produce the required output.

3. Liability

The Client hereby understands and assumes all liability arising from the transferred mining capacity according to Section 1 of this Agreement. The Client further agrees that the maintenance is the Client's sole responsibility, in order to produce the Mining Output as described in Section 2. The Client agrees that the Mining Output may not come at regular intervals, and is based on the maintenance and mutual coordination between the Client and the Service, as well as market conditions and currency exchange rates at any given time. The availability of the Mining Potential and Mining Output is to be varying up to 5% upwards on every Mining Interval. The Client assumes the risk of financial stalls or losses based on conditions not determined by the Service. The Service shall provide with assistance for the execution of this Agreement and maximization of the Mining Output based on the maintenance status and Mining Potential, on the best effort basis.

The Service cannot be held responsible for any defects or unforeseen changes in the Mining Potential or losses incurred by the Client due to the Client's failure of hardware and software maintenance as per the recommendations of the Service. The Service cannot be held liable for any possible defects and failures of systems or hardware it owns to operate and coordinate the Mining Output with the Client due to vis major.

4. Fees

As a consideration for the Services provided by the Service to the Customer, the Customer agrees to pay the Service the following fees in the following manner:

  • a) 0.0027-0.0028 USD for every 10GH/s and it's for every day, deducted on a daily basis from the generated mining output.

These fees are to be collected automatically within the Mining programme. The Client agrees to automatic deductions of these sums from the Mining Output balance (if applicable), and payment with a due date of 10 (ten) days if such funds are not available in the Mining Output balance.

5. Relevant Term of Contract

This Agreement is entered into from the date of indication of consensus of both parties. If this Agreement has a date of creating established after the consensus has occurred, such date and time shall be the beginning of this Contract's relevant term.

6. Termination of Contract. Refunds from program enrollment

This Contract may be terminated due to a material breach of the other contract party, or terminated by consensus of both parties. This contract is to be automatically terminated, and the Client discontinued from the enrollment in this Mining Program, in the case that the Mining Output generated in the last 60 days of Mining does not suffice to pay the Fee established in Section 4b of this Agreement.

Refunds are at the sole discretion of the Service. In case the Service agrees to voluntarily offer a Refund to the Client, a processing fee of 10 USD shall be deducted from the Enrollment Fees or Mining Output balance, whichever is greater.

7. Notices and Delivery

All means of communication shall be throughout e-mail exchanges, unless further agreed otherwise between the Service and the Client. If e-mails are sent on national holidays, weekends or notified vacation days, they shall be considered delivered on the first following work day.

8. Privacy and Data Protection

The Client hereby agrees to personal data processing for the purposes of this Agreement, until revocation occurs using written or e-mail notice. The Client hereby understands that such revocation may limit the ability of the Service to execute the Scope of Services as per this Agreement.

9. Warranties

The Client is of sufficient legal capacity to enter into this Agreement. The Client further warrants that he has sufficient theoretical knowledge of the Mining procedure and understands the used terms within this agreement regarding the technology, mining process, fees and other vital aspects of execution of the scope of service.

This agreement does not create a joint venture, partnership or employer-employee relationship between the parties, nor does it establish consideration for such in the future. Therefore, no representation rights are granted to neither party on behalf of the other party as per the provisions of this Agreement, unless expressly authorized in writing.

10. Payment and Transfers

Mining Output balances are gathered on a digital wallet available on the Service. The Service maybe, with the consent of the Client, convert the Mining Output to Bitcoin or other Electronic currencies as per the mutual agreement between the parties. Please note that this process may be automated and the requests for these actions can occur electronically (by choosing an option from the Service's Website).

Transfers of funds occur when the Mining Output balance is deducted from all costs and expenses belonging to the Service in an automated process before the withdrawal of funds. Please note that these transactions may be subject to transfer fees, such being regulated natively by the designated payment and fund withdrawal protocol.

11. Governing Law

The parties covenant that the applicable and usable law according to which this agreement will be governed will be the law of Thailand. Subsequently to the aforementioned, Thai Law will regulate all disputes or litigation arising from the content of this contract or its execution, accordingly. The parties further agree that the competent court shall be the court designated under the applicable law of Thailand, in accordance with its statutory provisions.

12. Dispute-Resolution Methods

The parties agree that both parties shall abstain from bringing up class action suits against each other, in case a concurrence of actions occurs for any reason, The parties, therefore, agree that each case shall be resolved individually in front of an arbitrary or court authority

The parties agree to try and settle all disputes and controversies in a manner avoiding court litigation, namely utilizing mediation and/or arbitration methods. The parties covenant and agree that they shall appoint an arbitrary authority from the registered arbiter in Place of Arbitration. The parties agree that the Place of Arbitration is to be in Thailand. If further details are not further agreed by the parties, statutory provisions regulating Arbitration in the relevant jurisdiction are to be utilized in order to establish an arbitrary authority as a preferred dispute-resolution mechanism.

13. Other Contract Provisions

Both parties agree to withhold of soliciting and/or causing loss of faith and goodwill of the other party's clients, affiliates, employees or agents. Both parties agree to try and resolve all disputes in good faith, and in order to preserve this contractual relationship to the fullest extent. In the case of termination of this Agreement, all enrollment and processing fees are to be deducted before final transfer of the Mining Output of the Client.

If and provision of this agreement is rendered invalid or unenforceable by a court or other competent authority, the remainder shall stay in full force and effect.

14. Ascent

Both parties may express consent to the Terms stated in this agreement by the following means:

  • - Signature: In the case the agreement is in written form only. In such case, two copies of this agreement shall be signed and dated by both parties
  • - Electronic Signature: In the case the agreement is in electronic form, and in a format preventing further edits of the file containing this Agreement
  • - Scope of Service

The Service agrees to provide to the Customer with the output of its mining capacity under the terms and conditions stated further in this Agreement. For the purposes of this agreement, references to "Services" shall mean the aforementioned.

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