How to purchase mining Hashrate?

You can easily buy power with 3 Easy steps.
First, Login to your account with registered account information.
  • You can calculate your daily profit from the calculator.
  • Click on "Purchase" in the left sidebar.
  • Enter the amount of desired power, you want to buy in power input box as shown below:

  • After click on "Process Order" and You will get final confirmation window:

  • We accept payment in Bitcoin, You can always find a guide on how to buy bitcoin from here..
  • After just select payment method.
  • You can pay using wallet balance if you have BTC in your MoJoHash Wallet or simply generate an address to make payment.
  • If you have sufficient fund in your BTC Wallet balance, then you will instantly receive your power.
  • If you click on "Use Bitcoin" button you will receive a payable amount for your power and address to send payment.

  • If you are sending sufficient payment on given address then you will receive your power after 6 transaction confirmations.

Contact customer support team if you are facing any issue in payment.